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A Referral for Alternative Dispute Resolution is required for all services. The referral form can be access by website, email, or U.S. mail. Mediators will receive assignments to designated satellite dispute resolution offices and will provide appropriate dispute resolution services and interventions for the referred parties and agencies, Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00pm. Mutually agreed upon and coordinated schedules will be developed to ensure timely and efficient scheduling of dispute resolution assistance, convening and contracting; ADR peer review, case evaluation; parent coordination; conciliation; and mediation; staff consultations and attendance at The Paula Stephenson Group; and agency orientation and meeting, as appropriate.

The Paula Stephenson Group believes that planning to engage in dispute resolution is an important one! Mediators will be responsive to meeting the needs of their parties and will contact referrals and active clients in a timely manner when calls for assistance are initiated. When necessary and appropriate, The Paula Stephenson Group will coordinate with parties and dispute resolution assistant to provide alternative schedules designed to accommodate special needs or circumstances and emergencies. If contacted by parties our dispute resolution assistant will assist the caller with the following:

    • Determine if the call situation is emergent, urgent, or routine. If it is determined that the call is urgent, dispute resolution assistant will respond as soon as possible, and will provide or facilitate crisis conflict resolution. Or appropriate intervention services, if needed. Dispute resolution assistant will make appropriate community referrals, when applicable.

    • If it is determined that the call is routine or emergent, the dispute resolution assistant will provide appropriate information or guidance over the phone and will make a commitment to respond to request for staff consultation or conflict resolution call during the next scheduled visit or within 3-5 days of the request for assistance, whichever comes first.


The most critical component of any alternative dispute resolution program is the degree and quality of access to programs and services at the time they are needed. The Paula Stephenson Group has satellite dispute resolution offices in Dallas/Fort, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. We make access to the dispute assistant and mediators using calendar scheduling, cell phone use, U.S. Postal Service, confidential voicemail, as well as through The Paula Stephenson Group website.

The Paula Stephenson Group
Commercial, Community, Civil, and Family Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking Programs
P.O. Box 1383
Bedford, TX 76095
(682) 292-8885

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed


Virtual Appointments (Currently, all appointments are through Microsoft Teams or Zoom apps)

Regus Office Buildings

Dallas/Fort Worth Office – 2000 E Lamar Blvd, Suite 600, Arlington, TX 76006
Austin Office – 3800 North Lamar Boulevard, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78756
Houston Office – 700 Milam, Suite 1300, Houston, TX 77002
San Antonio Office – 700 North St Mary’s Street, Suite 1400, San Antonio, TX 78205

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