ADR & Peacemaking Programs

The ADR and Peacemaking programs at the Paula Stephenson Group are Commercial, Civil, Family Alternative Dispute Resolution and Peacemaking.

The peacemaking program is titled the Kaisen Center @ The Paula Stephenson Group. Kaisen is Japanese for continuous improvement. Primarily, the Kaisen Center is housed at a Microsoft Teams website. The Kaisen Center provides virtual office hours; live online meetings and classes; webshops, which are online workshops; webinars, which are online seminars; and online group collaboration.

The commercial alternative dispute resolution program consists of insurance, healthcare, workers’ compensation, labor & employment, and commercial property dispute resolution. The family alternative dispute resolution program comprise of juvenile victim-offender, parent coordination, marital conciliation, and family alternative dispute resolution services. The civil alternative dispute resolution program consists of insurance, consumer contract, personal property, real property, and court-ordered alternative dispute resolution.

(Please complete Referral for Alternative Dispute Resolution before completing ADR Intake, Submission, or Dispute Checklist forms. You will be redirected to complete the referral).

Commercial Alternative Dispute Resolution, Community Alternative Dispute ResolutionCivil Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, Family Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

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