About TPSG

July 1, 2016, Jamison Davis created The Stephen Paulson Group. January 1, 2020, he changed the name to The Paula Stephenson Group (TPSG). TPSG company’s name is in honor of Jamison’s parents, Paula and Stephen Davis. TPSG is an alternative dispute resolution. It consists of civil, family and commercial alternative dispute resolution and peacemaking. Services include, but are  not limited to, case evaluation, conflict resolution, mediation, personal and executive coaching, consultation and research.


The mission of The Paula Stephenson Group is to provide leading Commercial, Civil, and Family Alternative Dispute Resolution services. Continuously improve conflict prevention awareness, conflict resolution skills, and peacemaking through educational programming. Moreover, facilitate case peer review; facilitate growth and development through personal and executive conflict coaching; and facilitate case evaluation, conflict resolution and mediation among families, the community, and business world.


The vision of the Paula Stephenson Group is to continuously invest in transforming relationships in conflict.

Business Model

The Paula Stephenson Group (TPSG) adheres to the broker business model. In the broker business model, a broker acts as a facilitator for a business transaction. The broker business model and alternative dispute resolution is synonymous. Alternative dispute resolution methods facilitate civil and family disputes.

TPSG applies the broker business model theory to civil, family alternative dispute resolution, consultation, training, education, and research markets. The model is used to conduct organizational studies and evaluations, work simplification and measurement studies. Moreover, the model is used to collect and analyze facts about events by interview, investigation, or observation. And, report and write summaries for institutional review boards.


The Paula Stephenson Group (TPSG) works with clients in order to provide the drive and guidance to clients in need of improving their conflict, business, relationships, and lives. Clients recognize their skills, dreams and refocus their plans. They move past challenges that stand in the way of objectives. Ultimately, finding the motivation and tools to get their goals.

The Paula Stephenson Group provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Alternative dispute resolution is a different way of settling conflict instead of going through to the court system. The significance of alternative dispute resolution is the creativity and cost-effectiveness. No one knows a 100% how a judge may rule. ADR give parties the opportunity to determine the outcome in less time and money. The two main types of ADR are arbitration and mediation.


Mr. Davis is responsible for all the day-to-day activities. The Paula Stephenson Group is committed to ensuring the best quality work that we undertake. An office administrator is responsible for scheduling appointments and events. A certified mediator is responsible for presenting seminars and workshops. A bachelor’s level certified mediator is responsible for presenting seminars, workshops, conducting small groups and mediation sessions. A master’s level certified mediator is responsible for presenting seminars, workshops, conducting small groups, ADR sessions, and consulting. Accounts receivable and payable are responsible for accepting and issuing payments.

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